Elections – 2022

American Legion Post 295 was proud to host the 2022 Elections for our local community. On November 8th, our Post served as a polling location for residents of Loudoun County, precinct 307, providing a convenient and accessible location for voters to cast their ballots.

As a Post, we believe that it is important to play an active role in the democratic process and to support our community in every way possible. By hosting the Elections, we were able to serve our community and provide a vital service to our neighbors and fellow citizens.

Throughout the day, the election staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the polling station was properly staffed and that all voters were able to cast their ballots in a timely and efficient manner. We were pleased to see so many members of our community turn out to vote, and we were honored to be a part of this important process.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of the volunteers who helped to make the 2022 Elections a success, and to all of the residents of Loudoun County who exercised their right to vote. As a Post, we remain committed to serving our community and to supporting the democratic process in every way possible.